And the good news keep on coming. Not only is Heroes renewed for a new season, NBC also announced a spin-off of the show which will be entitled Heroes: Origins (How cool does that sound?!).
Heroes: Origins will air on Monday nights at 9pm while Heroes is on hiatus (ok, NBC is smart in my book because you know people will tune in to that, just for the fact that Heroes‘ fans will have an open spot on Monday nights, so what better way to fill it than with a spin-off of their favorite show?!)

Heroes: Origins will center on characters we haven’t met yet on Heroes. And for the added bonus, the audience will be asked to pick their favorite character in Heroes: Origins, who will join the cast of Heroes the following year. Again, bravo NBC, you know people will be following, even if it’s just to make sure their favorite character makes it to Heroes. And, NBC takes no chance in picking the wrong character to put as a regular, it lets the fans choose, and thus avoids them being angry, or not liking the new characters on the show (does anybody remember Nikki and Paulo on Lost?!).
Finally, what an amazing opportunity for the actors of the new spin-off show, because one of them will get a spot on Heroes.

NBC has ordered six episodes of Heroes: Origins, which makes a total of 30 together with Heroes (which got 24 episodes).

NBC definitely delivered this year! I can’t wait to find out what the other networks have in store for us.