BIONIC WOMAN – NBC’s new show preview and interview

Here are two previews of BIONIC WOMAN. The first preview is from our very own friend, NBC.

Plot reminder: Bionic Woman – Jamie Sommers is a normal working woman. However, her life takes a whole new turn when she receives bionic body parts after a terrible car accident in order to save her life.

You know, it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. I am actually quite surprised. I never watched the original Bionic Woman, but will be tuning in for Bionic Woman “2.0” ;-). Plus Katee Sackhoff (or Kara Starbuck on BSG as we best know her) kicks ass in the second video!
Did anyone have flashes of Alias as they were watching the second video? I would say a mix of Alias and Heroes (definitely a Heroes look to the show).
What do you guys think?

I also included an interview of Executive Producer, David Eick.