THE OFFICE – “Beach Games” one of the best episodes

The Office

Is it me or was last night’s episode of The Office “Beach Games” one of the best episodes this season? Does it feel like they always keep the best for the end?
“Beach Games” had everything that makes The Office one of the best shows on TV, Michael being Michael, Dwight being Dwight, and some development in the Pam/Jim department (I have been waiting for this all season long!). Oh and Creed, that guy is just freaky, I love it!
Pam’s speech just made me like her that much more, and if you guys remember in an earlier episode this season, Jim did mention that if Pam still had feelings for him that maybe he would… (he never finished that sentence). Unfortunately that night Pam got back together with Roy, thus adding more episodes in between to torture us. But if what Jim said is true, we can expect next week’s episode to be amazing! There has to be, I cannot wait any longer for Pam and Jim to finally get together. It has been three seasons already!!!! How long will they torture us?

On the subject of next week, here is a preview for next week’s final episode of the season of The Office “The Job”. And for those spoiler-phobe, don’t worries, this clip will show you absolutely nothing that could spoil the last episode.