DRIVE – Cancelled by FOX


Yes it’s true and I still cannot believe it, FOX has canceled Drive (according to TV Guide). I feel like they barely give these new shows that they air a chance to prove themselves. If they don’t do good with the pilot, they are pretty much out, what is that all about? First, you have to understand that a show that starts in the mid-season usually will not be as successful, because people already have their schedules and routines and don’t really want to change them. I know sometimes it’s hard for me to add a new show to my list because it might interfere with other shows that I watch.

The thing is I actually liked Drive and couldn’t wait to tune in on Mondays to find out what the next challenge was. If this keeps up, I think I won’t start watching as many new shows as I am now because most of them get canceled anyway. Might as well wait for the DVDs.

Goodbye Drive! I’m gonna miss you!