Friday, slow night for TV!

I don’t usually like Fridays TV wise because I am never excited about anything airing that night. The only show that I follow on Fridays is Ghost Whisperer and that is definitely not something to be jumping up and down about. Thankfully, humans invented DVRs…and as a loyal TV fan, tonight I continued catching up on The Office (Third Season – What is going on with Jim and Pam, when will they finally be together, I am tired of waiting….), and then will be watching an episode of Smallville (still not up to date, but that’s voluntary, I have two episodes left before I will have to wait like everybody to see the new adventures of Clark Kent and Lana Lang (btw these two need to get together too and Clark needs to tell her his secret, this is getting ridiculous)). Then I will be watching some thrill with an episode of 24 (I also have a few of those on my DVR, very exciting). After that, who knows….

Everybody enjoy your Friday night!