FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Season Finale or Series Finale?

Friday Night Lights

Was anybody disappointed with Friday Night Lights‘ finale last night? Don’t get me wrong, it was a great episode as always, but at the end I found myself wondering if this was it for Friday Night Lights. It sort of felt like a series ending to me. I didn’t feel like there were any cliffhanger bringing me to the edge of my seat and making me hate the network for doing this to us (referring to ABC and the Lost break, OMG I am still not over how they could leave us with such a cliffhanger). I mean, I realize that Friday Night Lights season’s finale wouldn’t be like a Lost finale, but come on, give me something to look forward to. On the other side, if the show isn’t renewed, at least I will feel like I have had closure with the show, so really it’s a win-lose situation.

NEWS: Speaking of Friday Night Lights, NBC has ordered 6 new scripts for the show. This doesn’t mean Friday Night Lights will continue, but the network wants to see where the show is going in order to make the decision as to whether to renew it or not. So everybody cross you fingers for 6 great new scripts.

More on that soon I hope.

In case you missed the last episode of the season of Friday Night Lights, you can always download it on Friday Night Lights