Veronica Mars

If some of you haven’t heard yet, let me bring you up to date: The network executive at the CW aren’t sure whether to renew Veronica Mars for a fourth season (what is there to think about?! RENEW VERONICA MARS NOW!). In an attempt to save the show, Veronica Mars‘ creator Rob Thomas came up with an alternate story for the show to continue, instead of having the fourth season continue where season three will leave us, the new Veronica Mars would fast-forward a few years and have our hero, Veronica Mars, as an FBI Agent (remember that FBI internship she wanted to take…). I am not sure if this is where I want the show to go, I kind of like college Veronica, but if FBI Agent Veronica is what it takes to keep the show, then I say go for it.

Let’s hope the executives learned their lesson from Everwood and won’t cancel another awesome show like Veronica Mars. But just in case they go crazy, I am making a vow now to all of you that if Veronica Mars gets canceled, I will stop watching One Tree Hill (which is hanging by a thread on my to-watch list). The action of canceling Veronica Mars (if it happens) cannot go without consequences and this is mine. No more One Tree Hill for me without Veronica Mars. It might not have a big impact but it will make me feel better.

I encourage all of you Veronica Mars fans out there to also boycott a CW show if Veronica Mars is canceled.

Enough said, you get the point: BRING BACK VERONICA MARS FOR A 4th SEASON!!!!!!!!!!