PRISON BREAK – Renewed for a third season

Prison Break

FOX announced that it was picking up Prison Break for a third season. Not much of a surprise since the show has been doing very well with about 9 million viewers per week. None the less, it’s nice to see that some of the shows I care about do get picked up.


The only question left is what will be happening in season 3 of Prison Break? I mean they already broke out of prison (funny since the show is called Prison Break) and are on the run. Now that their plan failed what else will they be doing. We know they can’t succeed in disappearing forever (as Michael Scofield put it) because if they did then there really wouldn’t be Prison Break anymore, but I am curious as to what the new direction will be in Season 3 of Prison Break.

Oh, well I guess I will just have to tune in to find out 🙂 and trust me, I will…

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