Comeback Week – Tonight: GHOST WHISPERER and LAW AND ORDER

After a huge comeback night last night, tonight is a little quieter. Only two shows on my list come back: Ghost Whisperer at 8pm on CBS and Law and Order at 10pm on NBC.

I always feel like Friday is a pretty quiet night. There aren’t enough good shows on, and it’s one of the only nights I could actually stay up and follow the shows that are on. Now with Battlestar Galactica moved to Sunday 10pm, there is just nothing to be excited about Friday nights (except that it’s the week-end of course!).

Although Ghost Whisperer is pretty relaxing, I think that I will be catching up on The OC tonight (yes I know shame on me for not watching it last night, but my eyes just wouldn’t stay open, had to go to bed 🙁 ). I still can’t believe The OC got canceled, it seems so unreal to me, no more Ryan, Seth, Summer, and our latest addition Taylor!

Well, at least enjoy your Friday night and week-end and use that time to catch up on anything you might have missed this week, I know I will.