Comeback Week – Tonight: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and MEDIUM

Friday Night Lights

It starts again, all your favorite shows are back starting this week. More and more shows will be back on your TV as we go along. Starting tonight with one of my new favorite show: Friday Night Lights at 8pm on NBC and for those lucky people who have HDTV you will be able to appreciate the fullness that is Friday Night Lights.

Tonight might also be the night where Matt and Julie finally get the blessing of the beloved father and coach Eric Taylor….yeah I know, I wish. They have to stretch this one for as long as they can, it gives the show conflict.
How about Lyla and Riggins? Am I the only one who gets the feeling that the sexual tension and relationship between those two is just beginning?

At 10 pm tune in on NBC for Medium. After taking a short break Medium is back tonight. What will Allison discover next? I have to say that although this is not of my favorite shows, it always surprises me, I can count the times when I figured out the ending before it was revealed. Seriously, this show is one of the best in its category.

Although tonight is a pretty light night, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for more shows than you can handle. With the return of My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, The OC, CSI, Scrubs, Shark and ER, your DVR is bound to be full.