In my despair to find something to watch during the holidays i have discovered two new shows, one old and one new: Smallville and Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights

I went to see my friend the other day who happens to be a Friday Night Lights fan and of course like any good fan, he had recorded the episodes of his favorite show: Friday Night Lights. He insisted that I watch the first episode. After trying to convince me (which wasn’t too hard as I was willing to try anything at this point…note: I am so pathetic…) I finally caved in and we watched the pilot of Friday Night Lights. To my surprise I actually quite enjoyed Friday Night Lights. Funny enough I am not a sports fan at all but have always been a fan of sports movies (go figure…), needless to say that I am now hooked on Friday Night Lights and will actually be going back pretty much everyday this week to see my friend in order to get up to date (he must be so happy to hear that he will have the pleasure of seeing me everyday this week 🙂 ). To finish, if you like me are trying to find something to watch this week while waiting for your favorite shows to come back, you might want to give Friday Night Lights a shot, it’s really not as bad as it looks, actually I would go as far as saying that it is pretty good.


The other show that I discovered is probably one that most of you already watch but for some reason I had never followed until now: Smallville.
The weird thing about Smallville is that I had actually watched the pilot when it first started but didn’t really get into it so I decided not to follow it. For some reason I decided to give Smallville a new shot (yes I know after 6 season it’s a little late but better later than never, right?), I put season 1 of Smallville in my Netflix queue and just started watching it. Of course as expected I really liked it. I have no idea why I didn’t like it then, but I am a fan now. I have sooo much to catch up on, but for now I am still on Season 1 of Smallville. The good news is that at least I’ll have something to look forward to for a while now, even if my favorite shows take a break. :))

Well, that’s all for the news right now and my new recommendations. I hope you guys have also found a way to entertain yourselves during this Holiday Season.

Oh and Happy New Year 2007!