Malcolm in the Middle’s Hal is the Devil on FALLEN

If you are like me a fan of the late Malcolm in the Middle, you will be happy to know that Bryan Cranston, who played Hal, Malcolm’s crazy father on Malcolm in the Middle, will be appearing soon in a different part than we are used to see him in. Bryan Cranston has been cast as Lucifer in the sequel to ABC Family’s TV movie Fallen. The sequel, which will start where the first one ended is schedule to be released in the summer of 2007.
In Fallen, Aaron Corbett, played by Paul Wesley, finds out he is half-angel, half-human, or what they call, a Nephilim.
As for me, I really enjoyed Fallen and cannot wait to follow the new adventures of Aaron Corbett.

I have to say that for an ABC Family TV movie, I was pretty impressed by Fallen. It held its own. And if you haven’t seen it yet don’t miss the rerun of Fallen (which I am sure they will have before they show the sequel).