New time slot for LOST

Matthew Fox

Because ABC learned their lesson from last year, it will not put Lost against American Idol when it comes back on February 7th. Instead, ABC announced that it will push Lost back to the 10pm slot. Even though I feel it is a smart move for ABC, 10pm is just too late for me to be watching a show, that means that I will have to record Lost and wait until the next day to watch it, how uncool is that?!

Of course I will however be tuning into American Idol on FOX when it comes back January 16th. I have to say I am not a fan of reality TV, as you can see I do not watch any of them, but American Idol is the only exception to the rule. I just feel compelled to watch American Idol and always feel so involved.

Well, let’s hope that this switch in schedule will benefit Lost. Don’t forget, Lost will be back on February 7th 2007.