SIDEKICK 3 in every show

Does it seem like everyone on TV has a Sidekick 3? After seeing it on Veronica Mars, I started to see the Sidekick on Gilmore Girls as Rory and Logan sent each other messages. Finally Claire on Heroes (you can see it in the “Homecoming” episode). Now how much of a product placement is that? I can even bet that if Everwood hadn’t been canceled, Ephram and Amy also would’ve had a Sidekick 3 to send each other love notes.

I have to say that after seeing it in all my favorite shows, I have been tempted to get one for myself. And who knows, Christmas is around the corner.
If you like me were wondering about the Sidekick 3, you can only find it with T-Mobile. For more information about the Sidekick 3, click on the picture below.
Soon we will all have Sidekick 3.