3 LBS on hiatus

It’s official, CBS announced that it was putting 3 Lbs on hiatus after only 3 weeks and three episodes. Although the show did not do as well as expected, I feel that CBS didn’t give it a chance. There were many factors that could have contributed to the slow popularity of the show and three weeks was just not enough time for people to start being curious about the show. Not only did the show start in the middle on the season when everybody already had set up their schedule, but it was put on Tuesday at 10pm. I can personally say that I do not stay up late enough at night to watch 10pm shows (which is why I have my DVR 🙂 ). In addition to all of this, people kept comparing the show to competitor House on FOX, which I have to say was just stupid. Both shows have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that each show was about a doctor. I feel that all the people that said that had just seen previews and not the actual show.

As for me, I have to say that I am upset 3 Lbs was taken off schedule because I was starting to really like it and was looking forward to learning more about the story. Even though CBS hasn’t officially canceled 3 Lbs, I am afraid that the word “hiatus” usually ends up meaning canceled.

When will CBS stop making rush decisions about its shows? It seems that in addition to 3 Lbs, CBS also made a rush decision to cancel its predecessor Smith when it didn’t do as well as expected. Here’s a thought, maybe they need to give the shows that they put on Tuesday nights at 10 pm longer than 3 episodes to win over audiences…