UGLY BETTY’s “Novela” on your cell phone

For all of you fans of Ugly Betty‘s Telenovela that Betty’s father, Ignacio Suarez, watches, then this news is for you, ABC has decided to create mini-episodes of “Vidas de Fuego” which you will be able to watch on ABC’s website. New episodes will be put online every Thursdays for a total of 6 episodes. In addition, Verizon Wireless subscribers will also be able to watch the episodes of “Vidas de Fuego” on their phone (of course you need the V Cast service in order to access them). This is a very original idea, but in the vain of all the webisodes, webumentaries, and podcasts that every channel has been posting online. Still, I think channels are finally giving us an extra effort and bringing us more of the world of the shows we love.