THE NINE is out!

The Nine

I am sorry to say that we will never find out what really happened to the nine hostages in the bank robbery as ABC has pulled The Nine from its schedule. Although ABC says The Nine will be back later in the season, I don’t believe we will ever find out what happened during those 52 hours. The Nine was pretty much doomed from the beginning, there was no way that we would ever find out what happened during the full 52 hours by revealing only 10 minutes at a time. I mean do you realize how long it would take? It would take 312 episodes. With a rate of 22 episodes per season, it would have taken about 14 seasons, that’s ER sort of length. It just was not going to keep being interesting every week. I mean even if we found out an hour per episode it still would have been 52 episodes. Let’s look at Reunion, it was only 20 years (one year per episode) and even that didn’t finish.
Although I enjoy watching The Nine, I had already resigned myself that I would never have found out what happened. No matter, I will still be watching the last episodes of The Nine ABC does offer us.