VERONICA MARS – “Lord of the Pi’s” thoughts and Preview

Wow, Veronica Mars is getting better and better.”Lord of the Pi’s” episode of Veronica Mars was up there with other good episodes. And it looks like next week we finally find out who the Hearst Rapist is, and Mac is back! But first let’s discuss this last episode of Veronica Mars. Even though we saw more of Veronica and Logan this episode, I still feel like Logan could be more involved with Veronica’s life. But I have to say, hiring a bodyguard for Veronica Mars was the sweetest and smart thing to do. My favorite moment is of course when he calls her on the fact that she will not change but wants him to change. Good for Logan for standing up to Veronica. Someone needs to sometimes. I think this is what makes them one of the best couples on TV, they are not all luvy duvy all the time, they actually have real fights, but at the end of the day they still love each other. That was probably the most truthful moment, when they each say they love each other. It wasn’t like everything was fine and they weren’t mad anymore but at the end of the day, even when they fight, they still love each other.
Let’s hope they stay together for a long time. Go LoVe!

As for the Hearst rapist, I have a feeling that the mystery isn’t as simple as it may seem. I don’t believe all the rapes were faked. If you have been watching the last two seasons of Veronica Mars, you know everything is not always as it seems and that mysteries can end up blowing your mind. Let’s hope next week promises more surprises as we finally get to the bottom of mystery #1 on Veronica Mars.

The preview for next week looks absolutely amazing which is why I have to share it with you. Don’t forget to tune in for probably one of the most exciting episode this season on Veronica Mars, “Spit & Eggs”. Here is the preview, if that doesn’t convince you, then there is no hope for you…