Random Thoughts

For all of you who live in the US, I bet you were pretty disappointed when Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls were not shown on Tuesday night (because of a basketball game, personally not a sports fan). The CW announced that it would show those two episodes on Saturday night at their regular time. People up north actually got to see Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls unlike people living in the US, now how ironic is that?
Haven’t watched Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls yet because of all the festivities (yes Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to get everything ready by then).

Wasn’t able to watch 3 Lbs yet either. However, I have to admit I was tempted to watch How I Met Your Mother‘s “Slap Bet” episode (or as we better know it: the Robin Sparkles episode!). I didn’t. I’m actually waiting for my roommate to watch it again for me to watch it with him.

Not much news today, the city was pretty empty here, but I can’t complain. A few days off work should allow me to catch with all my favorite shows. So stay tuned for more…