I need to start with How I Met Your Mother because, let’s be honest, “Slap Bet” was one of the best episodes of the show. Actually, I think it was my favorite! A new star was born last night and her name is Robin Sparkles!
Seriously, I can’t get that song out of my head, “Let’s go to the mall” is my song of the day.
Other than that, the look on everybody’s face when they finally see Robin’s music video was priceless and when Ted says (something like): “…Robin’s rapping!”, fraking genius!!!!

I should not forget to mention the Slap Bet Competition between Barney and Marshall. Who thinks of these things?! Even though sBarney picked the 5 slaps, I think I’d have to go for the ten. Not knowing when the 5 are going to come is just not worth the 5 slap-discount. Can How I Met Your Mother get any better? I laugh out loud every time that I watch this show, even when I am by myself which is pretty rare.

In addition to a brilliant How I Met Your Mother episode last night, I have to talk about The Class. Last night’s episode entitled “The Class Gives Thanks” was a funny one as well. I know a lot of people do not like The Class, but I have to say that this show makes me laugh out loud. My favorite character is Richie and his “patheticness”. I can always count on him to make me laugh. I believe that some people were too hard on the show and didn’t give it enough of a chance. I personally would recommend The Class to anyone who wants to have 30min of relaxing time and have a good laugh.