HEROES – “Homecoming”

Hayden Panettiere

We finally know what “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” means, ordo we? I first want to start with the few negative points. I thought the episode “Homecoming” of Heroes was awesome, but I feel it was hyped up too much compared to what was delivered. They made it seem like we were finally going to understand what “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” meant, when it was only the beginning of us understanding. That put aside, I am absolutely infatuated with that show. Peter is still my favorite character and how cool was it to see him heal himself like that. Just one little question, after Claire left and the cops got there, his foot was still “messed up” and he put it back in place. Now Claire wasn’t around. Does that mean that he can sustain a power for a while after the Hero he borrowed it from left or does it mean that his power can reach people even if they are far from him?
My other question is, how does him borrowing someone else’s power affect them? Do they still also have their power? I can bet that next week we will see more of Hiro. I wonder what happened to him when he went back. To find out, don’t miss next week’s episode of Heroes “Six Months Ago”, which will show all our favorite Heroes and what they were up to six month before all these events took place.
All and all, I think we are in for a big ride.

BTW Heroes ratings last night were the highest it has ever been. It reached the Lost level of ratings. That’s a good news for NBC.