Dave Annable

Brothers & Sisters is getting to be one of my favorite shows. And for those who do not know me yet, because of my very busy life (working and different projects) I do not always have a chance to watch all the shows that I want to watch the day of (which I why I love DVRs, it absolutely changed my life!). However, I do have one show that I will watch every night. Until recently, I didn’t really have one for Sunday Nights, but from now on, Brothers & Sisters has taken that spot. Here are mu must see shows:

SundayBrothers & Sisters
Monday Heroes
Tuesday Veronica Mars
Wednesday – (used to be Lost, I need to figure out which new show to watch. It will probably have to be Jericho)
Thursday Grey’s Anatomy
Friday Battlestar Galactica

Anyway, back to Brothers & Sisters. I have to admit I didn’t think I would like this show as much as I do, but it grew on me. Every week I get more and more involved in the stories of the Walker family. As I may have mentioned before, my favorite story is Justin’s story. Dave Annable (who plays Justin) was a regular on the short-lived Reunion as Aaron. And needless to say I was a fan of his then too. I really do hope that Justin in Brothers & Sisters will finally get a chance to evolve as a bigger character with other problems than drugs and the army. It’s fine for now as it establishes the characters and the family dynamic, but I have a feeling that they could go so much further with this character in the future.

In other news, Rob Lowe’s appearance was pretty cool, especially because of the fact that his character’s name was Senator McAllister, for those who were fans of Jack and Bobby, I am sure that something just clicked when you heard that name, it definitly did for me. As it turns out, Greg Berlanti, creator of Brothers & Sisters, was also the creator of Jack and Bobby, pretty cool, huh?!

To finish this post I just had to say: Does it feel like Calista Flockhart cries in every episode? I mean doesn’t it put a drain on her as an actress? And couldn’t we see Kitty finally happy in one episode? Maybe Senator McAllister will soon put a smile on that sad face…

That’s all for Brothers & Sisters. It seems that the Walker family will not be back next week, but the week after that for a Christmas episode. Can’t wait.