I’m Back!

Wow, it’s been a while. I am sorry that I have been out of touch for at least a week. I have been very sick and unable to do anything. Needless to say that I need to be catching up on a few shows from last week. However, I have been trying to keep up with the news of television. So let’s start by the best news of the week:

Veronica Mars – Yes, my favorite show was awarded a FULL SEASON, well sort of. The CW gave Veronica Mars seven more episodes, which makes a total of 20 episodes. A regular season is usually 22 episodes, but who cares, I’ll take the 20 and enjoy them to the fullest. Now we need to worry about keeping ratings for Veronica Mars up to guarantee a 4th season. Anyway, can’t wait for Tuesday. BTW last Tuesday’s episode “Of Mice and Man” was soooo good, finally Logan is back taking care of Veronica the way he does so well!

One Tree Hill – It seems that Veronica Mars wasn’t the only show to be awarded a full season. The CW awarded One Tree Hill 8 additional episodes, which would bring the season to a total of 21 episodes.

In other news:

FOX finally canceled Vanished (who did not see that coming), but will air the rest of the episodes online on myspace. Fox will put an episode online every Friday at 12:01am. The last episode will be posted on December 8th.
On the other hand, FOX ordered 9 more episode for ‘Til Death and 6 more for Standoff.

What About Brian was also awarded a full season by ABC. Even though it is not my favorite show, I have to say that I quite enjoy watching it and am very happy that it will be around for a little longer. (Can J.J. Abrams ever get anything wrong?)