JERICHO ends November 29th

CBS has announced that its new show Jericho will be taking a break after the November 29th episode (which will end on a cliffhanger), returning on February 21st 2007. It seems that CBS copied ABC’s idea to give Lost a break. CBS calls the two parts of the break a “seasons”.
On February 14th, there will be a recap of what previously happened on Jericho to refresh the fans’ memories.

In addition, CBS will create Jericho “microsite” which we would have access through CBS’ Innertube website. The site will include episodes of Jericho streams, original content, interactive elements, recaps, and sneak previews.

The episode that will start the new “season” Jericho will show what was happening in the town of Jericho the day before the nuclear attack. Now that promises to be interesting. As for me I will definitly be tuning in. I just can’t believe that all my favorites shows are starting to take breaks, what will I do? I need my weekly shows 🙁