HEROES – “Nothing to Hide” (Episode 7)

The episode “Nothing to Hide” of Heroes last night was, I thought, pretty good, but not one of the best. What I did like about it was the new elements that were added to the story. We finally met Nathan’s wife, who we find is in a wheelchair (we will find out why in episode #9 or #10). In addition, we finally saw a glimpse of Micah’s (Nikki’s son) power. Now I know that it wasn’t clear, but I’d like to think that what he can do is repair broken things, which could mean that he has the power to heal. Now that is a useful tool (sort of like Leo in Charmed). In Heroes, Micah could fix what ever was broken in a body, that’s a cool power and it sort of is complementary to his parents, they could be a great trio if they ever get along.

Another thing that I thought was very well written and not forced is the fact that Micah could tell that it wasn’t his mother, Nikki, that he was talking to just by the tone of her voice. Even though it’s sad in a way because it must be pretty freaky to realize that even though she might look the same, your mother is not always your mother, I thought he handled it pretty well. I can’t wait to see what happens with those 3 Heroes.

The only thing I wish is that we saw more of Peter and his power. It seems that he still doesn’t have a grasp on what his power is. I mean he still talks about flying, even though we know that’s not the only thing he can do. From what I’ve read in multiple places, we will see Peter struggle with his power and what exactly the extent of it is (for example, what happens when Peter is in the presence of two Heroes).

All I can say is that Mondays are now Heroes Day!