THE O.C. – not doing so well…

Even though I felt like the season premiere of The O.C. was pretty good, not a lot of people tuned in to watch the new adventures of Newport Beach’s favorite people. FOX’s show was only watched by 3.4 million people. The lack of audience for The O.C.‘s season premiere can be due to multiple factors, which include:
1) The season premiere was available online about a week in advance (so if most people, like me, watched The O.C. beforehand they probably didn’t tune in a second time)
2) Thursday night is also Grey’s Anatomy and CSI‘s night! There is no doubt in my mind that those two shows combined affected The O.C.‘s ratings
3) Starting the new season in November after every other show has already started can be risky. Even though I love watching The O.C., I have to say that having already set up my schedule a certain way each night of the week, it is hard to find where to fit The O.C. in all that (which is why I watched the first two episodes online!).
4) Finally, let’s not forget the death of beloved character Marissa Cooper could also have affected The O.C.‘s ratings. Some of Coop’s fans might have decided not to tune in for this new season.

Let’s hope that as we move into the new season, more people tune in. I have to say that I am very excited for this new season and having seen the first two episodes really adds to my excitement.