THE OC is back!

Finally, after months of waiting to see what happens in the light of the death of the beloved Marissa Cooper, The O.C. is finally back! And if that wasn’t enough, FOX just gave fans of The O.C. a big treat by not only releasing the premiere episode of the fourth season in advance, they also just added the second episode today! You can watch it at I, of course, have already watched the first two episodes and have to say that I was not disappointed at all. This promises to be a very exciting season.
To start, how much do I like Summer now. I wasn’t too sure about her being the leading lady of The O.C., but I have to say, she pulls it off!
I was a little worried about Willa Holland replacing Mischa Barton as Kaitlin, Marissa’s little sister, but I feel she did ok. Not my favorite but I can live with her being a regular (unlike in Season 3 where she really used to bug me).
Bad Boy Ryan is back and watch out ladies, he has the “depressed look” again (love that one!).
And how can we forget Seth?! He is back in all his gloritude (is that a word?).
Anyway, the only bad thing about already watching episode 2 is that now I have to wait 3 weeks to see the third episode. But who would complain, The O.C. is back, baby!