LOST – Were Nikki and Paulo really necessary?

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Lost and I usually make it a point to watch every episode as soon as it airs. But when I watched last night’s episode “The Cost of Living”, I just couldn’t
help but say: Who the frak (my little Battlestar Galactica insert ;-)) are these two new people on the island who tag along with Locke? I mean, I know what their names are, Nikki and Paulo, and I know that they were added to the cast of Lost, but for what purpose? Out of the blue we get these two new people, whom we have never seen before on the Island, who are suddenly part of the group and come along to the “missions” now. Why? I have absolutely no emotional connection with either one of those characters and I don’t see any reason they need to be there. Was the rest of the Lost cast not enough? Do we not already have enough stories to follow? I really do not care about either one of them and I am hoping that there will not be an episode focusing on these two characters in the future because I really do not care about either one of them. I want my old Lost cast back. There are still many stories that we haven’t seen yet. For example, Claire, how long has it been since we actually saw one of her flashbacks?
My theory is the producers of Lost wanted some new and hot faces to attract more people to watch Lost. The problem is that all they did is just annoy me, because everytime that I see those two characters, I know that they weren’t there the last two seasons, which makes it impossible for me to stay connected to what is going on in the story.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Lost should never have any new characters, actually they have just added a bunch of new characters to the show as regulars, like Desmond, Benjamin Linus (Henry Gale) and Juliet. I do not have any problems with them because they make sense, (and don’t get me started on how much I love Desmond. He is one of my new favorites). So you see I am open to new characters, just not the kind where the producers takes us for a stupid audience who wouldn’t know the difference. And the same goes when they change actors for a character in a show. Do they think we won’t notice it’s not the same person playing that part? (Ex: ER Sam’s son).
I guess you can see that I am very upset about this. I just do not like it when a show that I enjoy starts to deteriorate. I feel compelled to express my disapprovement.

On a different note I have to say that I quite enjoyed last night’s episode. And of course will keep watching Lost every week. Can’t believe next week is the last episode of Lost that we will see before their 13 weeks break. Oh, well that’s okay I guess, it’s not like I am less confused when I watch the episodes every week, so what more can a 13 weeks break do? 🙂