Overwhelmed by too many shows!

Is it me or are there just too many shows to watch? I can’t keep up and it’s driving me crazy. With a full time job and other projects on the side, keeping up with all these great shows.
Of course there are some that I watch as soon as they air. I have at least one show per night that I dedicate myself to watching every night:
Mondays: Heroes(9pm on NBC)
Tuesdays: Veronica Mars (9pm on the CW)
Wednesdays: Lost (9pm on ABC)
Thursdays: Grey’s Anatomy (9pm on ABC)
Fridays: Battlestar Galactica (8pm on Sci-Fi)
Sundays: are pretty much open

This said all other free time is spent trying to keep with with all my other shows. Why is there so many good shows out there? There is just too much during the year but not enough during the summer.
If it sounds like I am complaining, I am not, I love this! It puts excitement into my life, so stay tuned for more news on how I am doing with keeping up and my thoughts on my new favorite shows!