EVERWOOD on ABC Family – (one more show on my list)


I am fan of Everwood and needless to say that I was very upset when I heard that the CW decided to cancel it (after saying that they weren’t!). I had heard that ABC Family was going to show Everwood from the beginning, but I didn’t think much of it until I actually saw a promo from it on TV. This is when I realized that I missed Everwood and decided to set my TiVo to record every episode of Everwood that is being shown on ABC Family. So I started to watch some “old” episodes of Everwood and it just reminded me why I loved the show so much. Unfortunately this adds an additional show to my already long list. Not only this, but ABC Family shows an episode of Everwood every day! But who am I to complain? This is great and I am glad that I will be able to watch every single episode of Everwood again and relive all the joys and sadness of the great community of Everwood.