RUNAWAY cancelled

Another show gets shut down. This time it is a surprise to no one. CW decided to cancel Runaway after only 4 episodes. However I could have seen that one coming a mile away. First of all I actually watched the first episode and to be true, it was just not worth my time. I just did not feel any attachement to any of the characters and I was just bored by it. Even the promo for the show didn’t impress me (that is pretty bad when you think that a promo is supposed to make shows look better!).
In addition, the show just did not pull off enough ratings to earn its place on the CW. Let’s hope next time they come up with a better show (how about a Veronica Mars 2? Oh, wait, aren’t they doing that already? Check out our article: Did the CW order a new “Veronica Mars”?