HEROES – Collision


Could Heroes be any cooler? I watched last night’s episode of Heroes and once again I was blown away by how good Heroes is. Every week they keep surprising me. I Love Monday Nights because of Heroes. I realized last night that one of the reasons Heroes is sooo cool is because I feel like I am watching a movie but it never stops and it keeps getting better and better. Last night was no exception, [(SPOILER if you haven’t seen last night’s episode) and did you see future Hiro?!!! ]

I am so excited that NBC picked up a full season but I am not surprised. I admit that I had my doubts about how good Heroes could really be, and with all the marketing I was afraid of being too hyped up for it, but turns out it’s even better than I thought it could be.
My favorite characters in Heroes are Claire (the cheerleader), Peter (although it hasn’t been revealed what his powers are yet, I read it in a magazine and I can tell you it is bound to be good (for those who want to know look at the bottom of the post) ), Nathan (the flying thing is just awesome, sometimes I wish I could do it, sigh!), and of course Hiro (he is such a great character and his stopping time power is awesome!)


Peter’s Power: What Peter’s power is that he can take
other people’s powers (pretty cool, huh? 😉 )