Could I be more excited for tonight’s VERONICA MARS

For those who know me by now, you guys know how much I love Veronica Mars and of course today is Tuesday and Tuesday is Veronica Mars’ day! (Yeah for me!)
I hope we get more of LoVe time in tonight’s episode because I have to say I have been missing those.
Piz is also a fun new character (although I can see the trouble coming for LoVe so I have mixed feelings about him). For those who used to watch Life As We Know It, you might remember Chris Lowell (Piz) as Jonathan. (I used to love that show by the way, too bad it got cancelled!). I like Chris Lowell, he is a fun actor to watch and I can’t wait to see what new dimension he will bring to Veronica Mars. Anyway, all of this to say I am excited it is Tuesday! 🙂