New faces on The O.C.

In addition to starting on November 2nd (just a few weeks away), The O.C. will be adding a few new faces. With Marissa dead, they had to make things interesting again.

Chris Pratt (Brett from Everwood) will be in The O.C. this season, since they cancelled Everwood, at least we get to see him somewhere. In The O.C., Chris Pratt will be playing Summer’s (Rachel Bilson)new “love” interest.

In addition, the recording artist, Chris Brown, will also appear in the new season of The O.C. He will be playing Will Tutt and will befriend new regular Kaitlin Cooper (played by Willa Holland).
Let’s hope that this season Kaitlin will be less annoying, because as of now I already miss Marissa. I will give her one more chance to win me over.