I Want It! – Veronica Mars’ Cell Phone

If you are like me, you probably sometimes find an accessories or clothes that someone has or wears on TV. This is why I created a new categorie “I Want It!” for some of the Product Placements in shows that catch my eye.
My first post in that categorie would be Veronica Mars’ cell phone. I have to say, it is pretty sweet! I wish I had enough money to get one. I had such a hard time to find what type of cell phone Veronica Mars was using. I searched online and realized that it’s not easy to find those products.
I finally found what it was though: it’s A Sidekick from.
The good thing about it is that you do not have to use it as a phone and get a plan with them, you could just get the Sidekick 3 and pick the plan for e-mails, text messages, internet and more.
And it’s all at. 🙂