Veronica Mars (or how I came to know and love Veronica Mars)

I would like to start by saying that I was really upset yesterday when I saw that the first episode of the new season of “Veronica Mars” was online (refer to my post) because I realized that I couldn’t watch it but really wanted to. The reason is that I just very recently started watching “Veronica Mars”, I am currently watching Season one, so needless to say there is much for me to discover about the show.
Every since I started watching I haven’t been able to stop, actually if I had Season one and two at home I probably would already be done, but since I have to rent it I depend on the post office to deliver those DVD’s to my door.
My relationship with Veronica Mars started just about a week ago, when after finally catching up on the two seasons of “Battlestar Galactica” (which I also started watching recently,with 2 season to catch up on as well, plus the webisodes, thank God they’re short 😉 ). I felt empty because I didn’t have any new shows to be excited about and the new season hadn’t started yet. So, as I was thinking of the few shows I never took the time to watch, I was reminded of “Veronica Mars”. Yes, “Veronica Mars” was never given a chance because there were just too many shows at the time it started and I made the decision not to start watching it. Was it a mistake? After thinking about for a few days, I decided that it was NOT a mistake. Why? Because if I had started to watch “Veronica Mars” when it first started, I wouldn’t have anything to watch now and fill the void left by “Battlstar Galactica” (until October 6th of course), and I wouldn’t be able to spend my whole Sunday watching episode after episode of “Veronica Mars” always wanting for more. Discovering “Veronica Mars” now is really a wonderful thing for me, I am getting excited about this new wonderful show and get to see lots and lots of it without having to wait too long for it.
My “Veronica Mars” experience wouldn’t be possible without who sends me all the DVD’s (I am actually waiting for 3 more in the next two days), it seems iTunes doesn’t have episodes of “Veronica Mars” (WHAT?!!!).
Anyway,my goal is to catch up both seasons to be ready for the 3rd Season of “Veronica Mars” next week! I’ll let you know how it goes.