Jocelyn W

Jocelyn, a Southern transplant to Philadelphia, was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. To sum up her obsession about television, she is reminded of something Homer Simpson once said "I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV." Although not actually raised in front of the TV, she does hail from a family that loves a good show and looks forward to her weekly phone pow wows with her mom about the latest episode of "Boardwalk Empire." If you stop by her apartment on a rainy weekend, she may subject you to an impromptu marathon of one of her favorite shows no longer on the air such as "Rome" or "The Wire." Despite the convenience of Netflix and Hulu, she still loves to own her favorite shows on DVD so that she can listen to commentary and enjoy interactive features. Although passionate about television, she still loves a good non-fiction book and in a perfect world, finds a way to intersect the two. After watching "Rome," she read four books on the Roman Empire and has three more to go. She loved "The Tudors" so much that she read five books on The Tudor Dynasty.


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