A&E Pulls ‘Those Who Kill’ From the Schedule

Those Who Kill Episode 1 Pilot (1)

[Update: A&E has moved Those Who Kill to LMN]

Effective immediately, Those Who Kill has been pulled from A&E’s schedule.

According to Deadline, the moody serial killer drama starring Chloe Sevigny will be relaunched at a later date. For now, Bates Motel is returning to its former 10pm home beginning with tonight’s episode “Caleb.” Bates Motel‘s second episode was down in the ratings, however since the series is Those Who Kill‘s lead-in, it is not likely the Danish adaptation’s fault– however Bates Motel could get a boost from moving back into its season one timeslot.

Those Who Kill‘s first two episodes drew dismal ratings, however A&E seems committed to airing the entire 10 episode run…just not right now. Were you watching Those Who Kill or have you had your fill of grim murder mysteries?

  • don6969

    Are you kidding me? This is one of the best shows on TV right now besides Bates Motel. Please put back on the air ASAP

  • Talleyshut

    WTH??? Who’s hairbrain idea was it to pull this show? Who? Isn’t that the same person that has kept The Simpson’s or Family Guy or American Dad around like, FOREVER??? Go figure. Who are they polling before making these “executive” decisions? I’m certainly not included in these polls and neither are the others I KNOW we’re watching TWK. Beats all I’ve ever seen. Shame on you A&E.

  • terriej123

    I demand the show come back!!! Finally a good show and you yank it?! Find another day and time slot for it and roll it! My dvr has a bunch of space waiting to be filled with good shows like this one. if not I’m going to become one of “those who kill” (lol)!!