[TV MOVIE] Escape from Polygamy (Lifetime) Starring Mary McCormack, William Mapother, Haley Lu Richardson & Jack Falahee

Escape from Polygamy (Lifetime) (10)

The upcoming TV Movie Escape from Polygamy premieres Saturday August 24 (8.7c) on Lifetime and stars Mary McCormack, William Mapother, Haley Lu Richardson, Jack Falahee.

Escape from Polygamy Synopsis: (Warning: Contains Spoilers) In Escape from Polygamy, recently-widowed Leann and her 17-year-old daughter Julina move into an isolated polygamous compound, where the freethinking Julina meets like-minded Ryder, son of the religious compound’s charismatic Prophet, Ervil.

Immediately drawn to one another, the two begin to secretly meet and soon fall in love. Threatened by his son’s budding attraction to Julina, Ervil claims God has instructed him to take Julina as his new wife so they can build a new community in Mexico. When Ryder and Julina learn of Ervil’s intent to destroy their relationship, they begin to plan their escape. However, Ervil intercedes and banishes Ryder from the sect, leaving him in a remote area of the desert so he can no longer endanger his plan to marry Julina.

Wandering for miles, Ryder arrives in Las Vegas, where he finds his old friend and excommunicated “lost boy” Micah and enlists his help to rescue Julina. Back at the compound, Leann and her sister-wives also begin to realize Ervil’s role as Prophet is not as sacred as they originally believed and set out to save Julina and reunite her with her true love, Ryder.

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  • ScarltBay

    What a beautiful movie (Escape room Polygamy) thus far. Unfortunately, 20 minutes of it failed to record due to WOW Cable Co. updating their TV and Internet services. If anyone knows when the film will air again, please let me know. So far, I rate the film *****(5-stars = Excellent!)