Matt Smith Sends a Message of Thanks to ‘Doctor Who’ Fans

Listen up residents of Doctor Who Land, if you thought Andrew Lincoln’s silent declaration of love to Keira Knightley in Love Actually was heartwarming, just wait until you see how Matt Smith bids farewell to his fellow cast mates, crew and legions of Doctor Who fans.

The in-demand actor spared a moment while shooting Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster in Detroit to compose a series of hand-scrawled messages to former cast mates Karen Gillan, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Arthur Darvill, as well as to the Doctor Who crew and headwriter Steven Moffat. Smith saves his biggest thank you for last with a heartfelt appreciation to all of the fans of his bow-tie loving incarnation of the legendary Time Lord. Watch the video below, courtesy of BBC One, and let us know how you’re dealing with Smith’s departure in the comments.

Smith’s Eleven will last be seen in the upcoming November 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special and the annual Christmas episode. There’s no word yet on who will next be tasked with piloting The TARDIS.

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