‘Breaking Bad’ Adaptation Approved By Sony TV

Breaking Bad "Madrigal" (Season 5 Episode 2)

Following the premature announcement of a Breaking Bad Spanish language adaptation, Deadline reports that Sony TV has now agreed to jump on board the project following the blunder. The news comes after Univision made public the development of ‘Metastasis’ while attending the upfront presentation, prior to sealing an official deal with the series producers.

Now that all parties are on board, Sony TV will begin work on the project that follows “an unassuming chemistry teacher who is given a fatal diagnosis and enters a world of drugs and crime, where he ascends to power.”

‘Metastasis’ will feature a cast line-up of actors Diego Trujillo (El Capo) on board in the lead role of Walter Blanco, played by Bryan Cranston in the US version. Roberto Urbina (The Mentalist) is slated to play Walter’s sidekick, Jose Miguel Rosas. Sandra Reyes (Fat, Bold, Short Man) will star as Walter’s wife with actor Julián Arango (The Snitch Cartel) on board the adaption as Walter’s brother-in-law. Henry Navarro (Hank) will take on the role of a Colombian narcotics agent in the production.

What do you think ‘Breaking Bad’ fans? Are you happy to see the series live on with a Spanish language adaption? Leave us your comments below.

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