Stranded (Syfy) First Look

Syfy’s new series Stranded premieres on Wednesday February 27 at 9-10 p.m. ET.

Synopsis: If you thought “Paranormal Activity” was scary – get ready for “Stranded.” The new Syfy reality series uses the same stripped-down first-person method to document an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psychological experiment in which participants are stranded at haunted location for a week and must record the entire experience themselves.

Jason Blum, producer of the “Paranormal Activity” movie franchise, “Insidious” and “Sinister,” serves as an executive producer; as does Josh Gates, the host and co-executive producer of Syfy’s popular series “Destination Truth.”

Each of the six hour-long episodes features the self-recorded footage of a diverse group of everyday paranormal enthusiasts. The footage from the subjects’ cameras is supplemented by strategically-placed security cameras at each location, creating a suspenseful, completely unscripted first-hand account of each group’s stay.

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