‘Being Human’ Season 5 Trailer: Who Will Rise?

Fans of the original Being Human, rejoice! Season five of the hit series begins February 3rd in the UK, and BBC 3 has released a tantalizing teaser previewing what’s ahead this season for the new trio.

The original trio of supernatural roommates is long gone, but season four established that Hal, Tom and Alex won’t have any trouble picking up where George, Mitchell and Annie left off. Expect the new roommates to tackle the same themes of love, friendship and figuring out what it means to be human when you’re not that have characterized the series since it began. Since this is Being Human, they’ll also be facing a big bad in between deciding whose turn it is to do the washing up, and this time he comes in the form of UK TV veteran Phil Davis (Whitechapel, Doctor Who) as the wheelchair-bound Captain Hatch.

Thanks to Hatch, it looks like things are going to get hairy (no offense, Tom) fast for the roommates. “That could have gone better,” Alex muses at the end of the teaser as she walks down the street with a bloody Hal and tricked-out Tom. Check out the teaser below. How do you think Captain Hatch will stack up against the previous big bads? And do you think he is the only one who “will rise” to wreak havoc this season?

Being Human season five premieres Sunday, February 3rd on BBC 3 in the UK. The fifth season is expected to make its stateside premiere on BBC America later this year.

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