ABC Pulls ‘666 Park Avenue’ From Its 2013 TV Schedule

666 park avenue abc cast 02

Late last week, ABC pulled the rug out from under fans of the short-lived supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue by deciding not to return the few remaining episodes of the series to the primetime landscape after the holidays.

The series, which was cancelled in mid-November, as we reported here, was to broadcast the remainder of its 13-episode order in early 2013; but instead ABC has announced that original episodes of their comedies ‘Happy Endings’ and ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23’ will air in the Sunday at 10 PM and 10:30 PM timeslots starting on January 6.

Both comedies will, of course, continue to air on Tuesday nights in the 9 PM hour until March when they will be interrupted by the next cycle of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

As of right now, there is a possibility that the remaining episodes of ‘666 Park Avenue’ will be back on ABC this summer. [Source: TV Line]

  • Debbie

    I loved this show! Very upset. At least show the remaining episodes. I thought it was a great show. I would tape it because I couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it, maybe put it on earlier? Nothing has replaced desp housewives since it left . So sad.

  • Pissed in PA

    The 2 comedies that they replaced 666 park ave. with might be the dumbest shows I ever saw on tv. Hopefully another channel will pick it up because this show was great! ABC hasn’t done anything right since starting Desperate Housewives and now that show is done they probably will never have a hit show again because they don’t give anything a chance!

  • Lonni in Il.

    Very disappointing!!! ABC has a great Sun. night lineup…too bad they’re taking one of the best ones off. BAD MOVE, ABC!!!!

  • Angela Kousounadis-o’rourke

    Why do they do that im soo sad I loved the show it was soo different maybe if they would put it on another night . but they keep the Nashville show wich is like every other show out there

  • Lady Tee 69

    Why did they cancel the show I really Love it. I’m so piss. ABC Sucks. I only watch Once Upon a Time and Revenge Sundays was all about ABC but now they really Sucks they should listen to the viewers.

  • Christina

    That makes me so mad considering I don’t even watch those comedies! At least keep shows until they finish their seasons!!

  • Lois

    My husband and I really like the show and expected to keep watching it but were greatly disappointed when there was some movie on in its place plus other shows. There were no signs of it not returning. What gives? Lois

    • ptjackson

      The show was canceled. They had a few un-aired episodes from when they pulled it off the Sunday night schedule, and they showed them this summer. There are no more episodes left. Sorry to bring bad news.