Nashville Season 1 Review “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave You)”

Nashville (ABC) Episode 6 You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave)
Oh, Avery. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but in this week’s episode of Nashville, “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave),” he had his big chance to prove that he was worthy of fair Scarlett’s heart…and he totally blew it. By the way, are these titles supposed to sound like really bad country songs or is it just a weird coincidence?

When given the choice between kickstarting his career with the help of a cougarific manager or staying faithful to his pale sweetheart, it seemed like Avery might do the right thing, but the fact that he entertained the notion of sleeping his way to the top was enough to drive Scarlett out of his life. Then, instead of proving his worth by staying away from the maneater, Avery went straight back to her to finish the job and secure his future. So the riddle to whether Avery is a good guy or not has been solved. But is Gunnar any better for having gone to Scarlett with the possibility that her boyfriend was going to cheat on her? I forgive a lot of things in the name of love, things I wouldn’t forgive for the sake of ambition.

That ties in nicely with what was going on with Teddy and the mayoral campaign this week. To help his son-in-law out, Rayna’s dad arranged for the opposing candidate to get pulled over on his way to a public event. But things escalated when the cops found the jar of pills that belonged to Deacon by way of Juliette’s mom. To stay in the race, Rayna’s friend has to decide whether to release pics of Teddy and his society “friend” which would help him, but destroy her marriage.

Rayna spent the episode looking for a new sound, something she felt she’d found in a rock producer. At first he blew her off for being too stereotypically middle America, but true to her awesomeness, she made him take her seriously and it looks like they will produce a great album…if her label would let them.

And Juliette started dating a Tim Tebow knockoff, a clean-living football player she met during a PR stunt. She almost managed to drag him down to her depths of infamy when she strong-armed him into going with her on an impromptu clubbing trip to Miami where he ended up assualting a paparazzi to protect her honor. In the end, she bit the bullet and paid the photographer off to save her athlete’s reputation. I sense sparks! Finally…with someone her own age.

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