CBS Shirt Off 2012 – Who Do You Vote For?

Alex O Loughlin Shirt Off

Now that the elections are over, time to get down to voting about more serious matters like Shirts Off. Ladies, this is for you.

CBS brings you a fun video that they are calling the forty fifth annual Shirt Off..Off. In this fun video, they Have pitted CBS hunk against CBS hunk to find out who will become our shirtless champion.

In the running: Johnny Lee Miller (Sherlock), Jim Caviezel (Person Of Interest), LL Cool J (NCIS Los Angeles), All the men on Survivor, Chippendales (The Amazing Race), Alex O’ Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0), Ashton Kutcher (Two and Half Men).

Who would you vote for? Express yourself in our poll below. Also let us know in the comments why and also who else from CBS you would have added.

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  • Anonymous

    Jaymes & James should be Racing naked!

  • ptjackson

    The video is not available anymore. 8-( May be for the best, my head might have exploded.

    • Greta Mueller78

      just watched via a link PLenkov shared…

    • Americ Ngwije

      No worries. I replaced it with a fresh video. Hope your head makes it. Would hate to lose you! :)

      • ptjackson

         Oh, thanks so much! My brain is steaming from the heat, but no explosion so far, thankfully. 😎

        So, finally a contest my inner shallow fan girl can embrace – or rather wants to embrace… LOL…

        I have to go with Alex – the others are good, some even great, but Alex, well, he is outstanding according to my shallow fan girl. 😎

        Anyone else remember when he played a vampire? Loved him then too….

        • Christinasachi1

          Alex wins by a landslide.. And yes I remember very well pt jackson and I admit to drooling lol.

          • ptjackson

             He gets my vote for best vampire ever…… when that show ended – prematurely, IMHO, I kept hoping he would get another show, and my dreams came true when he got Hawaii Five-0. 😎

  • Antonya (Anya)

    Alex O’Loughlin :)

  • Sam

    Alex O’Loughlin all the way. With or without a shirt he is just the best.

  • Jnt_keller

    Alex O’Loughlin, shirt on or off, he’s got it all!

  • Bobbi

    I voted for Alex O’Loughlin and would have voted for Scott Caan — he should have been included, too.

  • Bobbi

    I voted for Alex O’Loughlin and would have voted for Scott Caan — he should have been included, too.

  • Bobbi

    I voted for Alex O’Loughlin and would have voted for Scott Caan — he should have been included, too.

  • Isabel Barros

    Alex O’Loughlin

  • eli

    OMG, it´s true: Alex is the sexiest man, the face, eyes,arms, tattoos, back….only Alex mmhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kim

    Alex O’Loughlin…what eli and the rest said….and sooo much more!!!!

  • Leeukel

    Hands down Alex. The other guys don’t even stand a chance

  • Kari Oloughlin

    DUUUUUUUH!!! who do we vote for? come on guys, is that even a real question????
    OMG OMG OMG!!! you guys are serious??? OF COURSE ALEX O’MY GOD I MEAN O’LOUGHLIN hands down & thubs UP!!! hihihi  😉

  • MoonlightMama67

    Handsdown, Alex O’Loughlin… He is the utmost in all he does, how he looks and the only actor I have watched who could express in looks without words an entire script!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Ann

    Alex O’Loughlin, always Alex.