Season Finale 2012: Hell On Wheels Season 2 Finale “Blood Moon”

Hell On Wheels Season 2 Finale Blood Moon (2)

Hell On Wheels “Blood Moon” Season 2 episode 9 (season finale) airs on Sunday Oct 7, 2012 at 9pm on AMC.

Episode Synopsis: As the railroad celebrates a victory, Cullen prepares for battle.

Show Description: The second season of Hell on Wheels continues its epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier, and his dramatic journey west as he struggles to leave his past behind.

Executive produced by John Shiban (Breaking Bad, The X-Files), Joe and Tony Gayton (Faster, Uncommon Valor) and Endemol USA’s Jeremy Gold, the show depicts the traveling town known as Hell on Wheels, a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot that follows and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. Hell on Wheels also stars Common as Elam Ferguson; Colm Meaney as Thomas “Doc” Durant; Dominique McElligott as Lily Bell; Christopher Heyerdahl as The Swede; Robin McLeavy as Eva; Tom Noonan as Reverend Cole; Ben Esler as Sean McGinnes; Philip Burke as Mickey McGinnes; and Eddie Spears as Joseph Black Moon.

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  • Still a fan…but

    I was loving the finale…right up until they killed Lily.  I am with some of the others hoping this is a bad dream and they will find a way to bring her back.  I am not writing the show off yet, but I am hoping for Lily to return in Season 3 and the Swede to be truly dead.  We’ve had enough of his craziness.  Bring on someone new to be the bad guy. 

  • Was looking forward to the shift in responsibility for the railroad–Cullen, Lilly, and Ferguson.  Could have got quite a few seasons out of it with a finale when they finally make it to California. 

  • Sjohnson917

    Just lost another viewer….. I would have been counting down the days till the new season, but killing off Lilly Bell was enough for me…. Why do the writers do such things.  They could have had themselves a #1 show, but by killing one of the main characters that would have given the show a reason to survive just reduces them to another show left for dead… I sure hope the other actors have day jobs…..

  • Gail

    The killing of Lilly was so disappointing!  Not much left for a season 3 now.  What were the writers thinking?! 

  • Gail

    The killing of Lilly was so disappointing!  Not much left for a season 3 now.  What were the writers thinking?! 

  • Dr_rich

    Bad decision to kill Lilly 

  • Grhusa1

    Why would you kill off such a strong charactor like lily, bad,bad,bad, mistake, will lose alot of viewers, shame on you

  • Chhokanson

    OK, OK, I can’t believe they killed Lilly either, but can any of you (from prior 62 posts all want her back) at least appreciate the OMG I can’t believe they just did that factor.  Does every show/movie need a character intro start, middle conflict, and ending with the main character saves the day yet again.  I appreicate that it was outside the box of normal network TV; although given my appreication of HBO and some of the killing off of characters (Game of Thrones & Boardwalk Empire) I enjoy the shock.  Somewhere in Hollywood I am sure they can find a new love interest for Cullen that hasn’t been sleeping around with more men on the show than the actual prostitute.


    Can’t believe you took Lily off!

    • Jimhannon1

      Bad decision to kill Lilly off.
      If she’s in another series I’ll watch it!
      She’s Terrific!

  • Shyndsen

    I Looked like they were cleaning up the story lines to end the series.  Is it coming back for Season 3??? 

  • Rainer

     I also can’t believe they killed off Lily Bell. She was, in my opinion, the only reason to watch it. This series will be insufferable without her; it was difficult and painful to watch as it was. I have no reason to watch it anymore. She is the only reason I watched it.

  • Unhappy Romantic

    Contrary to popular belief, people do like happy endings.  It seems that the norm on TV shows today is to shock you, I think it started with Breaking Bad.  The difference is that Walt is bad and Lily was not.  Why would the writers think that killing Lily was a good idea?  I know all you men like the blood and guts part of the show, but probably 50% who watch this show are women – we like romance.  I’m done watching this show.

  • 1eggbert1

    Cullen is asked at the beginning what happened and he replies “The White Spirit”. It is not so much the Sioux attack as the mayhem the Swede stirs up. The Swede is symbolic of Death itself. His dance while the town burns is a homage to Death in the The Seventh Seal. Death makes the characters at the end dance while he leads them to eternity. Lily cannot kill him with her gun as he represents Death. She pleads for her life but Death never listens. Elam’s reference to Genesis 22:10 has underlying tones.
    Is Lily, as Isaac, portrayed as the innocent lead to the sacrifice to someone else’s bidding? As Isaac doesn’t die in the story, so I wonder if the writer’s are going to bring her back. I felt revulsion not only that she was killed but also we were forced to watch it. Her death scene was repulsive. I felt not only was Lily violated but the audience was as well. It’s obvious if Hell on Wheels returns, the Swede will return to torment Cullen. If she is dead, why do we want to watch this madman return and not someone who gave the audience a reason to watch the program?

  • Lucy michielli

    Killing Lily  off a big mistake. Will tune in another program

  • Williams Edith

    come on writers.. give Lily back to us .. you can do it !! 

  • Matt

    Did anyone find it a bit odd that Cullen was going to simply hang the swede? then he escapes? Just walked him to the bridge like a common thief? I would think Cullen would give a a slow tortureous death for killing his Lily. A simple hanging and that’s it?
    Notice the Durant’s saw Cullen carrying Lily. Maybe she’ll be back. Hope so..

  • karmalord

    They Killed the soul that kept a belief in the whole premise of viewer interest as Bohannon himself wasn’t enough to garner loyalty. What a wasteful meaningless way to kill her as well. 

  • Italianbsn

    Very upset over how the show ended! Completely disappointed! Lily was the main reason I watched the show and endured the Swede and the Irish guy chasing the girl minister. If you are done with the series, fine. If it comes back and no Lily I won’t be watching! 

  • Joseph McNulty

    Why has my detailed comment disappeared completely?  If if because it was not a callow “fanboy” comment?  Was it because I was critical of AMC?  Is it because I was critical of the ridiculous “The Walking Dead”?  Was it because I mentioned “Rubicon,” a series that I suspect was cancelled because it hit too close to home for some people?  It’s ratings were comparable to “Breaking Bad” its first year.  The rating could not have been worse that such dreck as “Small Town Security” or the embarrassing “Comic Book Men.”  Perhaps the mere mention of “Rubicon” was unacceptable because it shows that some still remember it and its name triggered some computer program that led the moderator to deleted the comment and even any evidence of it?  This is an example that the “freedom of the internet” is mostly myth.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Your comment was in moderation because it triggered a flag, but it has been approved now and you should be seeing it. Sorry for the delay and thank you for commenting!

      • Joseph McNulty

        Thanks for restoring the comment and explaining.  What, exactly, “triggered a flag”?  There was no profanity.  Is sarcasm “beyond the line”?  Why was the comment even flagged —  perhaps the use of the “N-word,”  even though it was used in a historical, no a pejorative, sense.  I suppose that in Roman dramas it is no longer “politically correct” to call the barbarians “vandals.”  Or perhaps the lobby of Germanic barbarians has not yet gotten organized.

  • Gyrvj

    I don’t think you can argue with whether she should have been killed off until we see the storyline play out. I am sure many did not want the character killed, but we can’t predict what future plans for the show are.

  • W Jack77

    The way they killed lily unwatchable. Graphic.  Sadistic. Need Lily or cancel season 3. Maybe the lady minister discovers Lily isn’t dead after all. Otherwise, the writers are brain-dead. Bye, bye hell on wheels

  • Katherine

    I think the season finale of Hell On Wheels was filled with so many contradictions, flashbacks, dream sequences and surrealism that it shouldn’t be taken literally. I think the writers did that on purpose to aggitate the viewers and make them continue to think and talk about the show.  It worked, didn’t it?   Here are a few possibilities:

    1) It’s too implausible that the Sweded killed Lilly.  He arrives in town slung over a horse, his body badly burned and barely able to tolerate anything more than a loincloth.  He writhes and screams as they try to dress his wounds and drifts in and out of consciousness.  Hanna states that “I doubt he’ll live throught the night.”   The next day, he’s up, fully dressed, waltzes his way though the fire to Lilly’s car, wrestles her to the ground and strangles her.  C’mon.  I think it’s more plausible that it was all part of his delerium.  Besides, he had no reason at all to kill her.  She was the only person who was nice to and stood up for him: she stopped Cullen from whipping him in season one; she brought him back when he was cast out of town to live by the dump; she gave him his old job back as accountant; and she forces Cullen to release him from the pig car.  So he thanks her by strangling her?  Sorry, I don’t buy it.  Besides, he was Lilly’s co-conspirator in exposing Durant’s fraud.  Why would he kill her?

    2)  Cullen finds himself in the same setting as he did in the Civil War. He’s trained his men and proceeds to fight the Indians as an army.  Like many men, he probably suffers flashbacks during and after the battle.  One of them might be projecting the death of his wife onto Lilly. He did say to Mr.Toole that he was afraid of what might happen when Lilly got to know him better.  Anyone notice that the scene where he discovers Lilly’s body is almost identical to the scene where he discovered his wife’s body at the beginning of the series?  This might just be part of Cullen’s post-traumatic stress.

    3) If the Swede did actually set out to kill Lilly, he could have cut her throat (like the guard) or broken her neck. He didn’t.  It’s possible he choked her just long enough for her to pass out.  The tipping of and long focus on the candle also looked like he was sending someone a signal.  When Cullen finds her, she’s near death or maybe just unconscious.  He decides, for her own protection, to let everyone think she’s dead and carries her through town to the church lady.

    THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SHOW with great actors (especially Anson Mount), filming and writing.  I do hope it returns for a third season and everyone watches.  It’s far superior to anything else being offered to us on TV.  As far as the Emmy’s go , MAD MEN didn’t win one this year.  What does that tell you about award shows?

    • Smdurbin1

      Goodness I hope your right.  Lilly has to come back!!!  I love this show and will continue to watch.   Sue

  • The Swede

    Sounds like a lot of people watch this show with your dick in your 

  • HavanaJoe

    We’ve recorded the series since we both work and travel a lot and so far, the second season is pretty boring. It seems that the main dude is a Clint Eastwood wannabee without the charisma and the Swede is just a remake of Hawaii Five O’s ‘Lofat’..the evil guy who can’t be killed…or isn’t, for some reason.

    This series seems to have lost it’s way in it’s effort to squeeze a third season out of it. It’s an okay western but nothing we’ve not seen before.

  • Chris

    Man I hope ya’ll don’t watch Game of thrones if you get so attached to characters