Raising Hope 3: What to Expect According To Martha Plimpton

Raising Hope 3 Martha Plimpton

Raising Hope is back to deliver hilarity and heart, and TV Equals was able to learn more about what to expect this season from Martha Plimpton. Plimpton told TV Equals during a conference call about a storyline that involves a break-in and what makes the show so beloved. Keep reading to also learn about this season’s guest stars, a special tie-in contest and more.

What to expect this season

Plimpton said the show will be advancing in terms of seeing more of the Chances’ environment.

“We are going to be branching out a little bit, meeting more of Sabrina’s family, and seeing a little bit more of the outside world,” said Plimpton. “There is a risk that Maw Maw [Cloris Leachman] could be removed from the home, and we have to rescue her from a state-run nursing home. We sort of pull off a little Mission Impossible thing there. What else? Just more of the same, hilarious hijinks.”

This season’s guest stars

There will not only be crazy stunts like breaking into a nursing home, but there will also be tons of guest stars. Plimpton named a few.

“Well, as you know, Melanie Griffith and her mom, Tippi Hedren, are on our premiere episode. Then coming up, who else do we have? We have a bunch of people,” she said. “We have Jenny Slate coming on, who was an SNL alum. Oh, of course, Wilmer Valderrama… He is on a bunch of episodes coming up. Chris Klein, who is hilarious. Then I’m not sure who is coming up after. ”

On working with Cloris Leachman

Leachman steals the show as Maw Maw, the outrageous matriarch of the Chance family. Plimpton talked about what it’s like working with her.

“She’s hilarious, she is fearless, she doesn’t care what anybody thinks, and she is very, very funny. If I have that much energy when I’m 86, I will consider myself quite lucky,” she said.


Plimpton’s character Virginia creates humor in the show by her use of malapropisms, or misplacing the correct word in a sentence with a similar-sounding, but incorrect word. Plimpton said that while the writers provide  her character with the malapropisms, she can only take credit for one of them that’s coming up this season. “[W]e did incorporate something that a friend of my father’s says a lot in an upcoming episode about a real estate mongrel,” she said. “I feel proud to be able to have contributed to at least one malaprop, and I think I may have contributed one or two others last season; although, I don’t know if I remember which ones they were. No, that’s the writers. The writers are brilliant.”

This season, Plimpton and her co-star Garrett Dillahunt (Burt Chance) are part of the new Raising Hope contest, The Raising Hope Clean Sweep. Plimpton discussed the contest’s particulars.

“Well, last May, during the up fronts, I pitched an idea for a contest that I wanted to do to engage the fans more and give thanks to them, because I was so excited about getting a third season,’ she said.  “I suggested to the people over at FOX  that we have a contest in which Raising Hope’s biggest fans win a chance for me to come fly anywhere in the country and clean their house.”

Plimpton said she was “amazed” that FOX loved the idea and wanted to implement it. “So here we are, and we somehow managed to hoodwink Garret into it as well,” she said.  “He is going to be coming with me and cutting lawns or cleaning pools, whichever is more appropriate.”

The factor that makes fans love Raising Hope

Plimpton said that the writing, along with the characterizations, have endeared the show to fans.

“Well, I think it’s really well written. I think people are surprised when they watch it at how well written it is. I think people are surprised by the sort of underlying sophistication of the show, and I think that as nutty and as crazy as it gets, it has a sort of underlying core of honesty and authenticity,” she said. “These are people who love each other and it’s not cynical. They’re not mean to each other. They’re all in it together. There are a lot of families out there in this county, who are living with multiple generations under one roof, and they can relate to the sort of ridiculous things that happen when you’re living with that many people in a home. Stuff like that I think.”

The season premiere of Raising Hope, guest starring Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith, airs October 2 at 8/7c on FOX.