Meet The “New” Cast Of FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Just In Time For Season 8

Are you ready to meet the new stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

There’s former child actor Haley Joel Osment as Mac, Xzibit as Dee and Candace Cameron as Charlie. Sounds fun, right? Okay, so the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia hasn’t really been replaced, but the elaborate bizarro world promo the show cooked up to advertise the upcoming eighth season goes to great lengths to convince us otherwise. Even FX network president John Landgraf gets in on the act. If you’re looking for a more down-to-earth promo, there is also one in Japanese.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t really do normal, but no one can say the show isn’t committed to getting a laugh. Check out the promos below and then tune in to FX on Oct. 11 at 10:00 p.m. to catch the premiere of season eight. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the “new” cast in the comments!

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