Fall 2012: Fringe Season Five Premiere Photos – Where’s Olivia?

With the premiere of the fifth and final season only a week away, Fringe has released some photos from their hotly anticipated (amongst Fringe fans anyway) season premiere. We’ve got pictures of Peter, Walter, Astrid (Astro? Astrick?), and Peter and Olivia’s daughter Etta. The gang is all there, with the exception of Olivia… or is she? Upon closer inspection of the photo with the amber encased body that Peter and Etta are standing over, it certainly looks an awful lot like our heroine. While I’m sure the reunion will be well done and provide the appropriate tug on the heart strings, Fringe’s executive producer has already told us that the reunion between Peter and Olivia may be a little icy. There’s a lot to digest in these photos, which can only add to the anticipation of the final thirteen episodes.

We’re a week away, who’s ready to watch this thing play out?

Fringe premieres September 28th (next Friday!) at 9 PM on Fox.

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